Ross & Katie's story

2 Bedroom Flat - Chiswick

Received an offer in
27 days

Ross & Katie - Recently sold their 2 bedroom flat in Chiswick with Nested.

Ross and Katie owned a beautiful ground-floor flat situated close to the river bank of the Thames between Kew Bridge and Chiswick. After having their first child, the couple decided to make the move out of London to Brighton, where Katie was setting up a yoga studio.

They had found their dream home but after having been on the market for 3 months with a local estate agent and having no offers on their home, they were under pressure to get into a proceedable position. The flat had been reduced in price twice over the course of the 3 months, and they still had not been offered an acceptable amount for the flat.

Ross heard about Nested from a friend, and got in contact with the hope we could make a guarantee on their flat, so he and Katie could secure the home they had found in Brighton. We valued their flat and provided the guarantee amount which they would receive after 90 days, whether the flat was sold or not.

The Nested Guarantee meant we could offer on our new home before we had sold our own flat.

Within a month we received a strong offer for the flat, which was £10,000 higher than the valuation. The sale completed 2 months later, 85 days after Ross and Katie originally signed up with Nested.

The home we had found in Brighton was slipping away from us, and using Nested meant we could secure our dream home and also not have to worry about our buyer falling-through.