A guaranteed fair price for your home. Today.

We'll give you a property valuation today. If you're happy with it, we guarantee to sell your house for more within 90 days, or we’ll give you the money.

Why Use Nested?

Our offer is guaranteed from day 1. This saves you months of uncertainty and leaves you chain-free for your next purchase.

A fair offer

Our offers are driven by our own proprietary valuation algorithm. This allows us to price your property more accurately and give you a more competitive offer, backed up by relevant data.

Fully aligned interests

Unlike traditional home-buyers our interests are aligned with yours. We sell for as much as we can and give you 80% of anything above the guarantee. We take the other 20% making sure our interests are aligned.

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Move on your timeline

Accept our offer and if we can’t get a buyer to exchange for more than the guaranteed price in 90 days we’ll give you the cash for your next purchase ourselves. This frees you to make your next move immediately.

Go Chain-free & Stress-free

Our guaranteed offer leaves you chain-free and eliminates months of uncertainty. Whatever your reason for moving we give you the peace of mind to focus on the things that matter.

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