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Help a friend avoid all the stress and uncertainty when selling their home

£500 for you

Paid in John Lewis vouchers when your friend's home exchanges

£500 for your friend

Paid as a discount on our fees if your friend sells their house with Nested

Just enter your name and email and we'll create you a unique referral link

Not sure who to tell?

Nested can help nearly all homeowners!

We've helped those already listed on the market, and those starting to search for an agent. In particular, we are helpful fo the following situations.

Found their dream home

but their current one isn't under offer or has fallen through

Fixed timelines

for example relocation due to a change of job or school

Fed up with uncertainty

after being listed on the market for a while

Frequently asked questions

How many people can I refer?

You can refer as many people as you'd like!

What happens after I refer a friend?

1. When your friend clicks your special code they'll be taken to the Nested website

2. When they submits their details through our form our systems will tell us it has been a referral from you

3. It typically takes a few months to reach the stage of exchanging on a home sale. If your friend reaches this stage, we'll let you know and will send you a John Lewis voucher to the email you provided. We send these every Friday!

4. When your friend sells with Nested, we'll deduct the referral award from their fees. When we send an invoice, it will be clear that there is a referral award

The small print

We introduce referral awards in good faith and expect the same good faith in return. Please note that we may withhold referral awards where we believe customers are acting in bad faith or otherwise acting contrary to the intent of this offer. To be clear, commercialising, advertising, publishing, mass distributing or selling referrals is not appropriate, and we will not honour such referrals. We cannot cover every scenario in our terms and conditions, nor will we attempt to, but we do promise to be fair and reasonable.