How we buy and sell homes is broken. We're here to fix it.


We’re giving home sellers the power to make the move you want, when you want.

It’s time that movers had confidence in the sale and purchase process. We give home sellers the freedom to move on their own timeline, support from trusted agents and technology that makes this opaque industry transparent.
Matt Robinson, CEO

The first, and only, estate agent to make sellers chain-free.

At Nested, we dream of a world where home sellers can move confidently, without worry or stress. Our revolutionary cash advance made us the first and only estate agent to fix broken chains, and that's just one part of what we do.

537 Londoners have sold with Nested

£1,735,145 has been saved on onward purchases

£121m has been advanced to fix chains

We're building a world-class team

We're always looking for people excited by our mission, from experienced estate agents who put the customer first, to inventive engineers who will dream up the next tool that makes moving that bit easier.