Customer stories

Read stories from some of our happy home sellers.

Read Kate's story

"Although we hadn’t taken the advance, we knew we could when we needed to, so we were free to book our flights."

Read Neil's story

I actually sold my house after I was already living in my new one. I had completely moved on and they just handled everything, it was fab!

Read Greg's story

"I’ve bought and sold tons of stuff over the years and Nested was better than anything else I’ve ever been involved in."

Read Thang's story

"The whole process was so quick. We moved in at the end of November which gave us time to get the house looking how we wanted and have our family over for Christmas"

Read Nick's story

"I was pleasantly surprised by the expected sale price. I had an idea of what I thought the fair value was for the flat, and it was pretty much in line with that."

Read David's story

"Everything was very open - communication was excellent, transparency was excellent. There was no spin or missed phone calls."

Read Charlotte's story

"We were really impressed with all the research you did about our area and other property sale prices, and then the offer you gave us was very fair."

Read Nick & Charlotte's story

"We had additional peace of mind that Nested were on the case in terms of pushing the sale through."

Read Jessica's story

"You don’t have to wait around for someone to offer on your property before you can offer on somewhere else."