The chain-free way to sell your home

Nested is the estate agent that will achieve the best price on the market. Unlike other estate agents, on day one we will set aside an advance amount. This makes you immediately chain-free and you can use the advance when you need it.

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The process

Signing up with Nested can take as little as 7 days

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Tell us more about your property. We will work out how best way we can help you.

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We'll value your home accurately, create a marketing strategy and fix an advance.

We sell your home

We'll sell your property for the best price, and you can choose to use the advance.

The advance is a fixed amount that you can withdraw before your old home has sold

It is the highest amount that our underwriting team is comfortable paying out before your home is sold. You can treat the advance as the absolute minimum you will receive for your home, even if you don't withdraw it

Act fast and make a proceedable offer as soon as you’re ready

Negotiate as a chain-free buyer and save ~4% on your next purchase

Have certainty of completion, set your timelines and reduce stress

Our expert agency team has experience in getting the best price on the market.

An accurate valuation is the starting point of our marketing strategy, and we are honest and transparent about what we think you'll receive. We manage all aspects of your sale, from taking the best photos to working with your legal team to complete the sale

Our agency team have an average of nine years of experience

We deliver excellent, honest and transparent service to our customers

Our dedicated team make everything go smoothly after you accept an offer

Our fees

Our fees are flexible to suit what you need

Our fees start at 2% (incl. VAT) and increase depending on whether you withdraw the advance amount, and when you withdraw it. The later you withdraw the advance, the lower your fees will be.

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