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Nested looked at all the usual things everyone hates about estate agencies and rewrote the rulebook."

The Blackburns

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Nested looked at all the usual things everyone hates about estate agencies and rewrote the rulebook."

The Blackburns

Tees Valley - Partners, Nested

Hi there, we're Antony and Neil.

We're passionate about helping people move. We felt the way people bought and sold homes was archaic, so we took a new approach and partnered with Nested.

Making your next step on the property ladder should be exciting. However, the reality is often stress and uncertainty.

We’ve built a better way.

We'll get you the best possible price

At Nested Tees Valley, I'm not paid a base salary and that means 100% of my pay is based on what your home sells for. Because of this, we'll be working much harder than a traditional agent to get you the best possible price.

We'll be with you every step of the way

We'll be with you all the way through. We will personally handle every buyer, viewing and offer — giving you peace of mind that experts with unparalleled local knowledge is putting in the hard graft for you behind the scenes.

You'll have the best tech at your fingertips

With our super-intuitive customer app, you’ll be able to access Nested’s exclusive data to make confident decisions about the best price for your home — and have full transparency into what we're doing from day one to day done.

Elliott Winter Head of Operations

When it comes to selling your home, Elliott makes sure that we have the best tech (including the Nested app) at our fingertips. This allows us to keep you fully informed about our efforts to get you sold.

Deeanna Thorpe Customer Success

We want your property's marketing to be impressive. Deeanna will assist agents with their marketing and design - crafting social media posts, flyers, letters, and a variety of other materials tailored to promote your home effectively.

Holly Legg Customer Success

When the phones are ringing off the hook with buyers interested in your home, Holly helps ensure we never miss an enquiry and everyone is carefully registered so that we can find you the perfect buyer.

What does selling with Nested look like?



"The valuation process was clear - presenting us with three pricing strategies and rationale for going with them" - Peter

After visiting your home to learn a little more about you, we'll prepare an in-depth, data-backed marketing strategy which we'll share with you in the app. 

You’ll have complete transparency into how we've arrived at our proposal, including all the data and comparable property sales we've leaned on.


Action plan

We'll provide you with full transparency into all the work we're doing to get you under offer (and our action plan) in the Nested app. 

The moment there’s an update, you’ll be the first to know — you won’t have to worry about chasing us or wonder what we're up to.



You’ll be able to keep track of the launch via the app, where you’ll have an overview of exactly how many buyers are looking at your listing on Rightmove. 

You’ll also be able to see how your listing is performing against other similar properties in your area from the last year (be warned though, this can get addictive).



When the enquiries start flooding in, you’ll be the first to know! 

You’ll also be able to check essential information about them (like whether they’re chain-free, or a cash buyer) and exactly what we're doing to get them through your door.  

“Compared to previous agents who say 'we've had some interest', Nested keep track of the enquiries in the app. The updates were regular and accurate and coupled with check-in calls whenever I wanted them." - Kathryn



We know how frustrating it is to have your meetings/school runs/yoga disrupted by endless calls from estate agents trying to arrange viewings. 

No phone ping-pong here — simply set your availability hour-by-hour in the app, so we can show people your home on your terms. 


Viewing feedback

Sadly, traditional estate agents are infamous for rushing through viewer feedback over the phone — or not sharing it at all. 

Straight after every viewing, we'll let you know how we felt it went before chasing the buyer for more thorough feedback. 

The app will update you as soon as the feedback comes through, and you can refer back to it whenever you need.



100% of our pay is based on what your home sells for, so we'll work much harder than a traditional agent to negotiate the best possible offers from your buyers.

Our app lets you keep track of offers in real time and see key information about the potential buyer, giving you confidence to make the right choice.


Chain management and sale status

Once we’ve agreed a great price for your home, your chain manager will coordinate with all parties involved - ensuring your sale goes through as seamlessly as possible. 

Within the Nested App, your chain manager will keep you informed of all significant updates regarding your sale, and you can easily monitor the progress with our simple milestone checklist.

Sell your home the modern way.

"Go with Nested, it will be the best decision you make when selling your home!"


Five stars

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