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The Nested Partnership

Set yourself up for success as a Nested Partner. We empower the best local agents with the platform and earnings to win and do things their way.

Alice Bullard - Nested

Nested was founded because selling sucks

Unfair commission structures mean traditional agents are shortchanged, and customers are all too often left in the dark — lumped with overstretched agents using outdated Windows 95 technology. 

We knew there was a better way. 

The Nested Partnership allows best-in-class, hyper-local agents to run their own businesses under the Nested brand. Agents get a better work-life balance, more autonomy over how they work, and complete control over their take-home. In turn, sellers get an unrivalled experience with an exceptional agent.

Nobody sets you up for success like Nested

Market your business like a pro

Wondering where your leads will come from? With a healthy marketing budget to play with, and a team of marketing professionals on-hand for guidance, we'll set you up with the tools you need to win business, big.

Be your own boss and do things your way

No more missing those important moments in your life because you’re chained to a desk (even when it’s quiet). You’ll have full autonomy to build the best estate agency in your patch, while having the work-life balance you deserve.

Work with the tech, not against it

Our market-leading app gives your customers unrivalled transparency into their sale which helps you win more business. Plus, our custom-built CRM takes the manual work out of your job giving you more time to do what you do best.

Nested has your back

Our agents are anything but an afterthought. If they don’t succeed, neither do we.

You'll have a team of marketing gurus, customer service superstars, dedicated chain managers and tech whizzes behind you, ready to jump in with any specific needs you or your clients might have. 

Worried about feeling isolated? You’ll join a growing community of passionate agents, so there’s always someone around to celebrate your wins (or lean on in the tougher moments). If some face-time is what you’re after, the doors to our London office are always open.  

Your marketing budget, design & strategy sorted

As our partner we'll be investing generously in your marketing budget from day one.

Our marketing suite gives you access to your own brand kit and content library so you can create any social media posts, letters, leaflets, banners or board campaigns in seconds. Building brand awareness in your area has never been so easy.

The best app for sellers, by far

Our industry-leading app enables you to win big in the living room. You're able to show customers that by selling their property with you at Nested, they'll have unrivalled transparency into their home sale. 

Watch a demo of the sellers app

Our agent app gives you superpowers

Do you ever feel like your CRM was designed for Windows 95? We did too, so we designed and built our own from scratch to equip you with the tech to truly be a modern agent. 

Everything available on mobile, tablet and desktop, The Nest takes every manual process you’re used to and lets you achieve it in seconds, giving you your valuable time back to do what you do best - close more business and give amazing customer experiences.

A commission structure that's actually fair

At a traditional agency, you do all the hard work — you pitch, orchestrate viewings, manage the relationship, negotiate the deals — only to end up giving away the majority of your hard-earned pay to your employer. It’s no wonder so many agents feel short-changed.

As a Nested Partner, you won’t need to take on an impossible number of listings just to take home a decent salary. You’ll receive up to 70% of the fee you generate — giving you the freedom to deliver a better customer experience to a smaller number of clients, and have your hard work reflected in your earnings.

Meet some of our Partners

Jack, Sutton

"The more I learned about Nested, the more dated I realised the high street model is."

Jesal, Wembley

"It genuinely feels like people care about my success."

Tom, Battersea

"The tech has probably won me every single listing. It’s the biggest part of my pitch."

Reiss, Greenwich

"I was really drawn in by the support network, and the overall culture."

Andy, Colchester

"What we’ve got is so refreshing — estate agency needs to change."


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