Be the savviest buyer on the market

Nested don’t just sell homes. Our dedicated team of buying agents can give you expert advice on your potential purchase.

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How will this help you?

Information is power!

Advise you on properties

We'll use our data and experience to give you insight on the properties you're considering

Position you as a dream buyer

We'll coach you on what to look for at property visits and how to position offers to estate agents

Negotiate on your behalf

If you want us to, we can act on your behalf to make a compelling offer and handle negotiations so you don't have to

What we offer to buyers

We have two packages to help buyers find their dream home

Property Report (included in 1.75%)

Bespoke report on your selected property

A data-backed valuation

An assessment of the local market

Opinion on the property’s long-term value

Insight into the property’s market history and interest

What to look out for before, during and after the viewing

A follow-up phone call with one of our analysts

Suggested offer strategy

Full Buyer's Agent (included in 2.5%)

Advice on search location and types of property

Property search and selection

Property reports for up to 10 properties

Further analysis on any property you want to offer on

An attended viewing on that property (if in London)

Research into the property’s levels of interest

A fully laid-out offer strategy


Introductions to recommended mortgage brokers, solicitors and surveyors

'The in-depth market knowledge and research conducted by Nested gave us confidence we were not offering above market value, or so cheaply that we would miss out on a property. The value of this service in this very uncertain environment cannot be emphasised enough.'

- Charlie L. from Peckham, buying in East Sussex

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer? Call us on 020 3858 0695

How much does this service cost?

If you're already selling with Nested, we provide this service as part of your existing fees!

Will you do the negotiation for me?

Yes. We're happy to take care of negotiations should you wish.

How much money will I save if I use the service?

This totally depends on the property you want to purchase. There are many factors involved in the negotiating process and our service will set you up to achieve the best possible result. We recently helped one of our customers save £125,000 on the asking price (a saving of just over 8%) 

What’s the difference between the two services?

Our property report is for people who have found the property they want to (or already have) made offer on. 

Our full buying agent service is for people who want more support throughout the process. From search and selection to advice on areas and offer strategy, this service matches you with one of our experts who can advise you on every step of what can sometimes be a daunting journey. 

Can I speak to someone about the services before I commit?

Absolutely! Please call us on 0203 868 9240 or leave a message and one of the team will get back to you. 

How long does it take to produce a report?

We will aim to get each report back to you in under 24 hours (exc. weekends)  

Ready to move home?

Fill out our short form and we will be in touch to figure out how we can help you make your next move into your dream home