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The advance gives you certainty

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What benefits do I get with my advance?

Act fast and make a proceedable offer as soon as you’re ready

As soon as you've signed up with Nested, you can offer on your dream home immediately. Whether you're changing jobs, relocating for schools or have a baby on the way, you can move quickly because of your advance

We can act fast to rescue a fallen-through chain and continue with your purchase. Just let us know when you first speak with us

Negotiate as a chain-free buyer and save money on your next purchase

Homeowners expect to save an average of 4% on their new home purchase by not being in a property chain. This more than covers our fees, and is an even bigger saving if you're upsizing

On a £500,000 property, you could negotiate £20,000 off the asking price. Our team can advise you on a bidding strategy

Have certainty of completion and reduce stress

Having your advance, you are in control of setting your timeline for moving. You no longer have to wait to find a buyer, align on completion dates and move at the speed of the whole chain. With Nested, there is no risk of a sale falling through. You can withdraw the advance and focus on other things

A Which? Study found that 28% of UK home sales fall-through costing homeowners an average of £2,899. You'll avoid this with Nested

How does the advance work?

A fixed amount that you can withdraw, even if your old home hasn’t sold yet

When we pay the advance, there are no complicated repayments terms. We continue to act as your estate agent to sell your home for the best price, and we get our advanced money back once your home is sold

Typically 95% of what we expect to sell your home for

Before you instruct Nested, we’ll visit your home and do research to value the property. We reach this amount by taking into account information about your property, similar properties and the local market

Paid into your bank account (after your mortgage). You choose what to use it for

If we pay you a £400,000 advance and your mortgage remaining is £100,000, you will have £300,000 cash in your bank. You choose how to use the cash. Most people use as a deposit for a next home with a mortgage

When can I withdraw my advance?

We put aside your advance amount on day one when you sign with us. You can then withdraw the money after our cooling-off period, we just need some notice

Need it sooner? Tell us about your urgency when you first speak to us

Some customers don't need to withdraw the advance before reaching moving-day. Timelines often work out and we sell your home, ready for you to buy your next one. We give you a discount if that happens

Need to ask us something?

If you have questions about the advance, we'd be happy to help. Email us, call us or use our live chat.

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