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Get all the benefits of buying your next home chain free with our innovative selling process. Negotiate a better deal on your new home and move on your terms.

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The benefits of moving chain free

"Chain free" typically means having the funds to purchase a property without the need to sell a property first, just like when you were a first time buyer.

Nested have reinvented the process to give you all the advantages of moving chain free even if you are selling a property too.

The benefits of moving chain free include:

Look for your next home before you're under offer, knowing you have the funds in place

Negotiate a better offer on your next home as sellers prefer chain free buyers

Move when you want, whatever the status of your sale

How Nested make you chain free

Nested will offer to put aside a cash sum should you need it during your sale. If you want to reserve this amount, just let us know*.

You will receive an advance-in-principle letter, confirming your proof of funds are available. This puts you in a powerful buying position, even if your property is not yet under offer.

If you choose to move before your home is sold or need to fix a broken chain, you have the option to withdraw the agreed amount as a cash advance.

*Fees apply - see FAQs below

How much will my advance be?

Nested begin by using smart technology to get an accurate valuation of your home.

Our agents will sell your home for the best price, and while we’re finding the right buyer we can offer up to 97% of the expected sale price as an optional cash advance.

Whether you decide to withdraw the advance or not, you receive the full final sale price once the sale is complete, minus our fees.

Frequently asked questions

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What are the costs to sell with Nested?

Selling with Nested costs 2%. Our experts will take care of your home sale and you get the opportunity to move chain free.

There are additional costs to move chain free. We're transparent about our fees; we pass on the cost of offering you a cash advance and do not profit from it.

You'll have the power to negotiate chain free on your next purchase once you agree to your advance proposal. This costs 0.1% of the advance per month until you move, capped at a maximum of 0.6%.

If you choose to withdraw your cash advance to move before your home is sold, we will charge 0.75% per month, capped at up to 9 months depending on your situation.

Can you tell me my advance amount straight away?

We will give you an offer from day one. The amount we offer depends on your property and will be explained by our team.

Initially, the offer will be slightly lower because we haven't yet seen how much interest there is in your home and this protects us from offering more than the property is worth.

If the initial offer isn't enough to make you chain free (i.e. covering your remaining mortgage and deposit), don't worry. As your sale progresses, we can increase your offer up to 97% of an accepted offer.

How are you able to advance me money?

Nested's chain free process is a mortgage product. Rest assured we've done this for hundreds of sellers and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to give you peace of mind. Here's the important legal bit:

The Nested Advance is secured on your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not fulfil the terms of the Nested Advance. You should check that this mortgage will meet your needs. If you are in any doubt, seek independent advice. 

Our experts will explain this in more detail as we sell your home.

What happens to my sale if I take the cash advance?

If you take your cash advance to move on to your new home, we will continue to sell your house as agreed, just like with a traditional agent.

Once your house is sold, you will receive the full sale price, minus the amount we advanced you. Your fees for selling with Nested will be taken from the final sale price.

Can I see an example of moving chain free?

Sure. Let's take Barry.

Barry is selling his home for £500k. His mortgage has £250k left.

He sells with Nested and after two weeks of promising activity, Nested can offer a cash advance of £450k.

Barry decides to move before his home is sold, using his cash advance to pay off his mortgage, using the remaining amount as a deposit on his new place.

Nested take care of his sale, and once completed give him the final sale amount of another £50k, minus our fees.

Barry took control and moved on his timeline.

Can I speak to someone about moving chain free?

Absolutely! By learning about your situation we are able to understand how we can tailor our service to best help you. Start here and one of our expert advisors will be in touch.

Sell smarter with Nested.

Move home chain free with specialist support at every stage of your sale. Just leave your details and we'll give you a call.