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The advance gives you certainty

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Act fast and make a firm offer as soon as you're ready

As soon as you've signed up with Nested, you can offer on your dream home immediately. If your buyer has just fallen-through and you're at risk of losing your new home, you can also re-establish your offer from day one and continue with the purchase.

Use 10% of the advance for a deposit before day 21 at no extra cost. The rest is available after day 21

Negotiate as a chain-free buyer and save money on your next purchase

Homeowners expect to save an average of 4% on their new home purchase by not being in a property chain. This more than covers our fees, and is an even bigger saving if you're upsizing

On a £500,000 property, you could save £20,000 off the purchase price

Have certainty of completion and reduce stress

With the advance, you are in control of setting your timeline for moving. You no longer have to wait for your house to sell, and there is no risk of a sale falling through. You can withdraw cash and focus on other things

A Which? Study found that 28% of UK home sales fall through costing home owners an average of £2,899. You'll avoid this with Nested

When can I get the advance?

Day 1 - We put aside your advance

You're immediately chain-free and can offer on and secure your new home

Day 21 - Your advance is available to withdraw

You can buy your new home without any stressful chains

Your sale - We'll get you the best possible price

No matter how long it takes, you will receive the full sale price on completion, and we'll cover any bills

The advance is a fixed amount that you can use after 21 days, paid straight into your bank account.

When we pay the advance, there are no complicated repayment terms. We continue to act as your estate agent to sell your home for the best price.

We'll visit your home and do research to value the property. We reach this amount by taking into account information about your property, similar properties and the local market.

For example, if we advance you £400,000 and your mortgage remaining is £100,000, you will have £300,000 cash in your bank. You can then use this as a deposit for your next home and combine it with a new mortgage

Ready to move home chain-free?

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