We believe our values help us be the best version of ourselves, and help attract others with a similar world view.

What values mean to us

We believe our values help us be the best version of ourselves. They’re core to what we do and we assess how we’re doing against them every week. Sometimes there may be nothing to discuss but if we live by these values it will be hard to go too far wrong.

We know that our values won’t be for everyone, and that’s good. We believe that the best values involve a trade-off, and there could be companies out there who would rationally do the complete opposite. Take a look, and if we're the kind of company you would like to work with, get in touch!

Do the right thing

We believe in acting honourably in all our dealings - we don’t go back on our word even if it may be in our interests to do so. Not only is this the right thing to do ethically, which would be enough for us, but we believe that it also generally works out better commercially too.

For example, if we found we had over-charged a client but there was no way of them ever knowing, we would not hesitate to tell them the truth.

Good things come from good things

If we can help we will go out of our way to do so. We believe in paying it forward, whether that’s making a valuable intro, taking time to give proper interview feedback or helping an employee who wants to move on to pastures new. Good things come from good things, and bad come from bad.

For example, if one of the team wanted to move on, instead of getting in the way, we would do our best to help them get their dream job.

Open, honest communications

We believe in open, honest communications with both customers and colleagues. Sometimes this might mean giving people information they might find scary or upsetting but it also means empowering them to make truly informed decisions.

For example, we share all company numbers including revenue and cash in the bank. We give open, honest and regular feedback, even if it’s painful for us to give or for the other person to hear.

Be a positive team player

It’s easier to be critical than constructive, however, we choose the latter. We understand that working at a startup means lots can change and we react positively even if we’re personally disappointed. When faced with a problem we fix it.

For example, if we got outvoted on how to approach a particular project, we don’t whine and moan or undermine the success of the team/project, we put aside our personal disappointment and give it our all.

Fewer, better people

We only make the hire if someone is so great at what they do that they improve the average level of the team. It’s hard to spot until you’ve worked together so we try to do this as part of the interview process. Sometimes we will miss a good hire but we would rather this than make a bad one. When we do make a bad hire we fix it quickly as it’s in everyone’s best interests.

For example, even if we have a desperate need we won’t make the hire unless we believe they will improve the existing team.

One big thing

Everyone always knows what their big thing is and how that fits into what the company is doing. We do everything to achieve our big thing. This means saying no ten times for every yes and sometimes having to miss out on opportunities we want to do.

For example, we each spend 80% of our time on our main thing. If you find you're spending 50% of your time on PR and 50% on sales, you pick one.

Pick up the phone first

We prefer action to inaction. Given the option of spending a few hours doing online research or calling someone who knows, we always pick up the phone. Sometimes we might look like we don’t know what we’re talking about but that’s fine because we’ll learn quicker this way.

For example, if we’re assessing a new product or service, we don’t spend hours clicking around on the site, we write a list of questions and call the sales team.

Build things we're proud of & prove they work in the field

We believe in lean development practices and getting products in front of customers as early as possible. However, it’s not considered done until it’s proven in the field and we won't stop working on it until we're proud of it. As much as we might love a feature or design we’ve built, it means nothing until we know that our customers do too.

For example, we released the first version of the site and started getting feedback incredibly early but we didn't stop working on it as a priority until we were proud enough that we wanted to link to it whenever we emailed anyone.

Spend on the things that matter, save on the things that don’t

We believe in being frugal and spend money like it’s our own, however, we spend big where it truly makes a difference.

For example, we’ll pay generously and make sure that you are given all the training and support to be the best you can be role and to develop your career. However, we are unlikely to spend huge amounts of cash on lavish parties or send you off to far flung places on employee retreats.

Work hard and enjoy the journey

We work hard, often very hard, but we also respect and expect that people have lives outside work and we make sure we enjoy the journey.

For example, if you are looking for a handy 9-5 role, then this might not be the place for you. We’ll challenge and support you to be the best version of yourself and trust you to get the job done. That said work should never get in the way of life, whether that means working at home to be in for a delivery, attending a parents evening or finishing early to go see your favourite band.