Our Values

Values are all-encompassing. These are the things we always do, no matter what. We believe our values help us be the best version of ourselves, and help attract others with a similar world view.

Do the right thing

We do right by ourselves, our customers and each other even when we don’t have to. We don’t let ego, money or excuses stop us from doing the right thing.

Open and honest communication

Being honest is giving the truth when asked. We go a step further and like to be open and give context, information and answers even when it may be uncomfortable.

Work hard and enjoy the journey

Dedication is contagious and the more you put in the more you get out, both in terms of results and enjoyment. But to build something special in the long-haul you need to have a life outside work too.

Bias to action

If you have an idea, make it a reality. Sometimes it won’t work out but we prefer to ask for forgiveness than permission. However, we don’t mistake action for impact and progress.

One big thing

Most of the value comes from a few things on a priority list. We all aspire to focus on one thing that is crucial for success, but we realise people across Nested need to handle this one differently.