What certificates do I need to sell my home?

Make sure your bases are covered ✔️

Deeanna Thorpe
Marketing Manager

When selling your home, the list of things to think about seems…infinite.

Between liaising with the estate agent, organising your house for viewings, and trying to find your next digs — certificates probably aren’t number one on your to-do list 📝.

Annoying as it is, they should still be one the list somewhere. Your buyers might ask for specific certificates for piece of mind, and if you don’t have them handy now — it’ll be an extra hassle trying to sort them out down the line.

For easy reference, we’ve made a list of all the certificates you’ll need handy when selling your home: 

  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). An EPC shows how energy efficient your home is, and how expensive it might be to address any inefficiencies. As the seller, you’re legally obliged to provide the buyer with a valid EPC (they’re valid for 10 years, and need to be renewed). 
  • FENSA certificates. If you’ve had double glazing installed whilst owning your home, you’ll need to provide the buyer with a FENSA certificate. This proves that your windows are compliant with building regulations, and the job was carried out by a qualified person. 
  • Electrical certificate. If you’ve carried out electrical works, such as rewiring a house, then you’ll need to provide documentation to the buyer. For example, an EICR — Electrical Installation Condition Report — should be completed by a qualified electrician following work. 
  • Completion certificates. If you’ve done any structural works, such as changing pipes or services, you should present the buyer with a completion certificate which meets building regulations.

This is by no means an exhaustive list — and you should definitely check with your estate agent to make sure everything’s in order. Not every certificate is 100% required in every case, but (as with most aspects of selling a property) it’s better to be prepared! 

Feeling overwhelmed by your house-selling to-do list? As a Nested area partner, I’ll be on-hand to support you at every stage — so you can spend less time sweating the small stuff, and more time getting excited about your big move 🏡. 

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