The Role of Social Media in Estate Agency Marketing♟️

Wondering how social media can benefit your estate agency, read on...

Georgia Cave
Marketing Manager

🏡 For self-employed, independent and corporate estate agents, social media is unavoidable. 

📷 There is a huge difference, however, between those that succeed and those that don’t. 

💡 The role of social media in estate agencies has skyrocketed in recent years. What was once a side piece to show multi-million pound or particularly unusual listings, has now evolved into a slick marketing tool that garners trust, authority and most importantly - sales. 

❓ So how can estate agents benefit from implementing social media strategies and best practices? 

  1. Expanding reach and visibility. Social media sites have a vast user base, meaning you can reach a large audience in a short amount of time. 
  2. Engaging directly with your audience. The personalisation of social media allows you to directly message and interact with your clients quickly and efficiently. This engagement means agents can showcase their expertise, establishing themselves as voices of authority in their local area and beyond. 

3. Let’s be honest, property porn is very much a thing. How often do you while away a couple of hours on Rightmove browsing multi-million-pound homes? Showcasing properties visually via social media can help to attract even more interest from potential buyers, and lead them to book a viewing or request further information. 

4. Generating referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. Instagram and Facebook are now platforms for users to share and recommend estate agents to their networks. This can lead to increased exposure and potential referrals from satisfied clients. Positive experiences from clients build credibility in an extremely user-friendly way, helping to attract clients in the short and long term.

Should we abandon everything for Instagram? In short - no. But social media plays an undeniable role in estate agency. Expanding reach, targeted marketing, fostering engagement and generating referrals are all ways in which social media can operate in tandem with more traditional practices.

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