How to attract a buyer for your home

How can you go the extra mile to attract a buyer? Read our guide.

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There’s more to selling a house than calling up an estate agent and crossing your fingers. Sure, in a strong market you might barely have to lift a finger, but in normal circumstances, what are the best ways to find a buyer?

Make it look pretty

We’re all human beings, not robots, and first impressions count for a lot.

When someone first sets eyes on your home, they’re not just seeing a floorspace, but a lifestyle and a future. It sounds obvious, but dirty laundry and dinner plates do not maketh an attractive viewing experience.

Consider getting a deep clean before your viewings, and if need be, summon your inner Mary Poppins.

In the bathroom, think fresh towels and scented soaps, not limescale and grout. It’s amazing what a fresh lick of paint can do, and if you have a garden, mow the lawn and tend to the flowerbed when spring has sprung.

Make necessary repairs

As hygge as your home might look in appearance, buyers may be put off if the place is falling apart. While there’s no disguising major repair works, you can score a few quick wins if you fix those creaking hinges and broken door knobs. Sometimes, a sticking plaster won’t do the job, so you should consider whether urgent repairs should be reflected in the sale price.

It might seem like a good idea to cover that broken boiler with a blanket, but remember that any defects may crop up in the survey, so you risk losing valuable time if the buyer is dissuaded by unexpected gremlins.


It’s not just cleanliness that matters, but spaciousness too. In the hallway, use your storage space to ensure any coats, shoes and dog-eaten slippers are safely out of sight.

The bathroom is easy to neglect, so hide those loose toothbrushes and put away the Toilet Duck. In the garden, make sure any rogue tyres and shopping trolleys have been safely wheeled away.

Space comes at a premium (especially for London buyers), so the less clutter the better. Oh, and if you really want to make your home look bigger, invest in mirrors galore.

Price realistically

While every seller wants to hear their home is worth millions, be wary of setting a sky-high asking price. It might be tempting to go with the estate agent with the highest valuation, but if you want to make a quick sale, an unrealistic price means you risk getting stuck in quicksand.

A reputable agent won’t pluck a number from thin-air; they’ll look at comparable sales in your area, and take the time to thoroughly inspect your property. Remember the old saying: a property priced correctly will always sell.

Be responsive

Whether you choose to be present during a viewing is up to you, though most vendors will stay away and let the estate agent field any questions. But even if you’re not there in person, there’s nothing to stop you writing a blurb on what you love about the neighbourhood, and being responsive to any questions from the buyer, for example on personal safety.

You’re the best ambassador for your home, so don’t be afraid to make a pitch for why your property is worth it.

Timing is everything

Well, not everything, but certainly something. Statistically, homes are most likely to sell in January or September, when buyers are making New Years’ resolutions, or back from the summer holiday. So, not great news if you’re reading this during the tumbleweed season, but if you’re mindful of getting your timing right, you can give yourself the best chance of getting the right offer.

The timing in terms of market conditions is crucial too. If the market is “hotter than the sun” (Partridge, Alan), your estate agent’s phone won’t stop ringing. But during a downturn, you may have to get creative. Obviously, there’s little you can do to affect wider political events, but a cooler market can often be the best time to upsize.

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