From Listing to Closing: The Journey of a Successful Sale, Explained by Estate Agents 🏘

Does a successful sale feel elusive?

Georgia Cave
Marketing Manager

💭 Everyone dreams of the perfect sale. Those cash buyers, chain-free sales. Those ones that if they’re in a chain everyone exchanges and completes on the same day. But life isn’t perfect, and neither are successful sales. 

🤓 However, there’s a huge difference between keeping a difficult sale tricky and making it the best it can be. And that difference comes in the form of a great estate agent. 

📞 I caught up with some of our Area Partners to ask them the signs and signals of a successful sale, and what they would do from start to finish to ensure your property sale is as smooth as can be. 

Flynn, our Hackney Partner suggests that the tone that is set at the beginning of the property journey is the best indication that the rest of the sale will go well. 

“There are a few signs that the sale is going to go well. One of these is that both buyers and vendors have already appointed solicitors. Once the deal is agreed, the Memorandum of Sale should be sent within 24 hours. Ideally, the buyer’s solicitor should have various ID checks and initial payment for searches done within a few days or the first week. If there is a delay on this it’s a bad sign that there could be cause for concern later down the line. 

Paula Ferragamo, our Partner for Rochester, takes a broader view of what it takes for sales to hit the mark from start to finish. 

“The first thing that comes to mind is don’t overcomplicate the process. As long as you find an estate agent who can be held accountable (and ultimately knows what will work) you can put your trust in them and listen to their advice.”

“In my opinion,” she says, “two things are going to determine if your property sells and for the right price - marketing strategy and the correct pricing. This was highlighted in a recent sale of mine that I won from another agent. The property had been on the market for 8 months with poor pricing. I had sold the exact same property opposite but at a guide price so I knew what it should be on the market for. 

The vendors were fed up with the situation but I told them to give me two weeks (without marketing) to introduce it to my network of buyers (some of whom had missed out on the aforementioned property) to see if I could sell it. They were undoubtedly thrilled and have said they’ll refer me in the future.” 

We finish with Chris Lang, our Partner for Chislehurst who uses a viewing and listing strategy to create the path to success. “I always recommend grouping viewings to build interest which inevitably leads to the best price.‘I typically launch on a Monday or Tuesday he says, ‘then I don’t start viewings until the Saturday. I also encourage staging or even virtually staging properties to get the ball rolling and to help potential buyers see what their home might be like when they move in.”

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