10 Questions to Ask When Viewing Potential Homes 💭

First time buyer or not, it's good to have an agenda when viewing potential properties

Georgia Cave
Marketing Manager

🏡 As a buyer, you can often get swept up in the excitement of a house viewing, and as such miss out on some of those important questions that you think about later. 

👀 Whilst a good agent should be on hand to give you ample information before or during the viewing, asking questions as a buyer not only cements you as dedicated and ready to proceed but also means you’re forewarned about any potential extra snags down the line.

🔟 We’ve put together our top 10 questions to ask when viewing potential homes, but remember, this isn’t an exhaustive list! Get creative with your questioning!

1. If the property is leasehold, how many years are left? Are there any restricted covenants? Would the freeholder ever consider Share of Freehold? (Also a great time to ask about Service Charge and Ground Rent costs). 

2. If the property is tenanted, how many tenants live here and when do they vacate? 

3. Have they had any offers yet? Especially if the property has been on for a while, this can be a probing question to find out why. 

4. Where’s the boiler? A seemingly unusual one but it’s good to know the location and also to gauge the age of the boiler.

5. What’s the local area like? If you’re new to the area, it’s handy to get a personal interpretation from the agent as well as doing your own research.

6. What are the local schools like? Obviously not applicable to all buyers,  but knowing you don’t have to stress about catchment areas can be a huge relief. 

7. Are there any developments planned close by? This will come up later in searches but if you know from the outset you can make necessary arrangements with funds. 

8. Is the area at risk of flooding? Has the property ever flooded? Not always applicable but if the area has flooded in the past, you’ll need to know for insurance purposes. 

9. What items are included in the sale? This way you’ll know for sure what you need to buy in terms of furniture, white goods and other items. 

10. What way does the garden face and how big is the plot? Whilst most people opt for a south-facing garden, it’s not always possible (or wanted) and knowing this upfront can help you to decide if it’s a dealbreaker or not.

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