Meet Katie

Meet Katie, she is a People Ops Coordinator at Nested, managing the office, working with Nested’s HR coordinator and supporting the wider People Ops team.

Stephanie Le Geyt
Product Manager

Value that we think Katie personifies:

Good things come from good things

Hey Katie, what’s in your diary today?

As ever, my day is very varied! I’m setting up for a new joiner, sending out comms about our monthly team event, having my weekly standup with the People Team, calling our employee engagement platform about some changes, deciding on the metrics for our new careers page and working on some company policies. Then I’ll be going over my quarterly review feedback with my manager, discussing my proposed changes for our accounting process with a financial consultant and preparing for our Diversity and Inclusion Committee meeting. I’m finishing the day with running the D&I meeting and then going out for dinner with my best friends!

What’s the favourite part of your job so far?

Tricky! I love the breadth of my role and the responsibility I’ve been given considering I only graduated in the summer of 2017. The chance to work with people in all parts of the company as well as external people is awesome too!

What made you join Nested?

The culture here is fantastic and I have learned so much from every one of my colleagues. I started as a temp, became an intern and now am a full time employee. It’s a real honour to work with people who are experts in their field and who are so willing to teach and provide feedback.

What’s your most memorable Nested experience to date?

I think the morning when all the employees started in the new office. Having organised the move itself it was very daunting waiting for them to arrive but the excited faces and positive feedback made it all worth it!

On her best and worst experience with estate agents…

The constant pushbacks! You think everything is ready and then there’s always something stopping it from completing. I think that’s one of the fantastic things about Nested’s model — it provides certainty with the timeline.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

I love going to see performances and I love dancing. I’m a bit notorious for my expressive dance moves but at least it clears space in the clubs!