Why is my home not selling?

It’s never been harder to sell your home in London, with just 1-in-10 homes going under offer within 4 weeks of listing.

To give yourself the best shot of selling quickly and for the right price, follow the tips below.

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Do you have knowledgeable agents?

The agent who is selling your home needs to know everything about it, but teams within estate agents are often split between those who conduct valuations and those who conduct viewings.

It’s crucial that the information you’ve given the estate agent who valued your home is passed on to the agent conducting viewings, and all too often this step is missed and the agent conducts viewings without knowing the key details of the property.

What’s the fix?

Ask to meet the actual people who will be managing viewings and give them a tour of your home. Make sure they all leave knowing the best selling points of your home.

Is your home overpriced?

Price is the single biggest reason your home isn’t selling. It’s common for estate agents to over-promise on what your home is worth to get you into a contract, then over time they’ll reduce the price.

A study by Which? Revealed that some London agents reduce as many as a third of their homes by over 5%, with a clear strategy of over-pricing and reducing the property price overtime.

What’s the fix?

To get a realistic value of what your home is worth, search Rightmove or Zoopla for homes similar to yours which have recently sold.

Comparing price per square foot is usually the best measure. It’s important to look at sold prices and not get drawn in by the price homes are priced at before they sell, as sometimes a home can sell for up to 10% below the marketed price.

Alternatively you can sell with Nested and fix an advance amount on day one. On average we sell for 98.5% of our asking price, so we’re very accurate when assessing the value of your home.

Go beyond de-cluttering.

If your home isn’t selling, it could need depersonalising. People viewing your home need to imagine themselves living there, which is hard to do when they’re confronted with an intimidatingly large collage of your family trip to Disney Land or a collection of Star Wars figurines donning the mantelpiece.

The ideal balance is a home that feels warm, welcoming and lived in without too many personal touches that might get in the way of someone visualising how they can make their own mark on the home.

What’s the fix?

Invite a friend around and ask for some honest feedback.

Get some curb appeal.

We all know first impressions count, but home sellers spend all their time tidying the inside of their home, whilst leaving the bins in a mess and the front garden unkempt.

Does the gate catch? Fix it.

Is the front door scruffy? Paint it.

What’s the fix?

Spend a Sunday afternoon making some small improvements which will add up to a big improvement to the first impression of your home.

Take bright and clutter-free photos.

If your home isn’t getting many viewings, it could be because your home isn’t being presented in the best light. Rightmove and Zoopla are the default of where to find a new home, and increasingly this is via a mobile app where the photos are the only thing a prospective buyer looks at.

You only have a few seconds to grab someone's attention so it's crucial to have excellent photography.

What’s the fix?

Be at your home when photos are taken to move things around and help present your home in the best light. If you’re not entirely happy with the photos then ask your agent to have the retaken.

Is your home vacant?

If your property is vacant or you've left it without much furniture, buyers who are looking around your property can find it hard to imagine it as being lived in. Unfortunately some buyers can’t look past a vacant property.

What’s the fix?

There are several little things you can do to distract from this, like putting fake flowers around the home, soaps, towels.

If there are still beds in the property then putting bed covers and throws on them will really help.

More investigation needed?

If you’re still not sure why your home isn’t selling, try mystery shopping.

Ask a friend to call your estate agent and go through the process a normal buyer would.

Ask questions about the property and even go on a viewing to make sure your agent is doing a good job selling your home.


We believe that it should be possible to sell your property with certainty, without compromising on price. Nested is an estate agent that will achieve the best price on the market.

Unlike other agents, from day one we also fix an advance amount that you can use if and when you need to. This makes you chain-free and you can unlock money to move to your next home.

What's different about Nested?

Sell with Nested

  • Stress free home sale
  • Negotiate as a chain-free buyer
  • Buy your new home from day 30
  • A valuation based on data
  • Walk away at any time

Traditional sale

  • 1 in 3 home sales fall-through
  • Average home sells in 6 months
  • Inflated valuations
  • Lose out to chain-free buyers
  • Fixed-term contracts

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