Nested Advance

Move home as a cash buyer

We'll advance you money to buy your new home while our expert estate agents sell your old one.

Nested Advance secured the house of my dreams

SallyEaling to Brighton

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We list on Zoopla and rightmove

Nested Advance secured the house of my dreams

SallyEaling to Brighton

We turn sellers into cash buyers

With Nested Advance, you’ll receive the full funds to cover the value of your new home and cover stamp duty.

As a cash buyer, you can negotiate a great deal on your new property with the freedom of moving home chain-free.

We sell. You move.

Nested is a leading estate agent covering the whole of London. We will take care of every element of your sale on your behalf, from viewings to offer negotiation.

Once you've moved into your new home, we carry on dealing with the sale until it completes. We will keep you in the loop and move quickly to find the perfect buyer.

How Nested Advance works


First home visit

Like a traditional sale, your local Nested agent will visit your home to discuss your needs. We’ll make floor plans and take detailed notes so we can accurately value your property.


Your cash offer

Our professional valuers use wide-ranging data to establish the market value of your property and give an indicative amount of how much we can offer for your purchase.


We sell your home

Meanwhile, we’ll arrange for professional photos and get your property listed on Rightmove and Zoopla, so we can find the right buyer for your home.

We list onZooplaandrightmove


Expert support with your purchase

We help you to search for and assess potential new homes. We will provide a valuation and will even negotiate on the new property so you don’t overpay.


A chain-free move

Use the Nested Advance to cover the purchase price and stamp duty for your new home. We put a charge on both properties while your sale completes.


We wrap up your sale...

Our local agents will keep managing the sale until completion, taking care of viewings, offer negotiation and managing the legal aspects of the sale.


...while you settle in

You can forget about your old home safe in the knowledge the sale is being handled by experienced agents.

Once the sale completes your outstanding sum is repaid to Nested and both charges removed from the property.

If you arranged a mortgage, your old one will now be settled and your new one will begin.

Five stars

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Questions about Nested Advance

How much can you advance me to buy my new home?

We'll provide you with the full funds (100%) of the purchase price of your new home, as well as your stamp duty.

How are you able to offer me the money?

Nested Advance is essentially a friendly and fair bridging loan. The loan is secured against both of your properties which ends when we sell your old property.

Nested Advance is a mortgage product provided by Nested. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Am I eligible to use Nested Advance?

To use Nested Advance, you must:

  • Have 40% equity in your current home
  • Currently live within the M25

Further criteria apply, please get in touch for more information.

How much does is cost to use Nested Advance?

To use Nested Advance, you must sell your property with Nested's expert estate agents. The fee for selling your home is 1.75% of sale price.

For Nested Advance, you will be charged a 0.75% arrangement fee (of the cash amount) plus a further 0.75% a month until your old home is sold.

What is my home sells for less than your valuation?

Our valuations are incredibly accurate and our agents will work tirelessly to meet or exceed the market value we agree. In the unlikely event the house sells under the valuation, Nested will provide a loan to cover the shortfall, in exchange for a small stake in your new home. This loan is interest-free and repayable within 10 years.

How does my mortgage work with Nested advance?

If you need a mortgage on your new home, we have a panel of brokers that will be able to find you the best rate. You will continue paying the mortgage on your old property until it sells, at which the mortgage lender will release the funds and your new mortgage will begin.

I have questions you haven't answered.

Our local agents would love to speak to you. If you're interested in Nested Advance, please complete the form below and your local expert will call you back to discuss further.


Move with Nested Advance

Your local sales expert will be in touch to discuss your needs and find a time for us to provide a free, no-obligation valuation.