Calling all recruiters...

or all recruiters calling us!

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We mean this in the nicest way possible, but please stop calling us.

Our number 1 goal in life is to help people move home stress-free, so we need our office line and our advisor team to be free for homeowners to get in touch. If you call us unsolicited (especially more than once) we won’t consider using your services as a recruiter - so please take this on board.

However, we have and will continue to use quality recruiter services

Please read the below guidelines to find out how to (and how NOT to) work with us.

You can find the roles we’re currently recruiting for here on our careers page.

All our roles will always be here first.

If you have a suitable candidate, please let us know by emailing us at

  • First, introduce yourself, and let us know why we should work with you as a recruiter.
  • If you think you have someone we need, let us know which role your candidate may be suitable for.
  • Please don’t send their CV right away, we will ask you if we want to see their CV.

Important stuff:

  • If we request a CV from you we will need the candidate’s name and salary expectations. We don’t work with anonymous CVs.
  • Our company values are important to us - please point candidates to the values page so that they know what kind of company they would be interviewing for.

Doing any of these things will mean we’re not going to use your services. Ever.

  • We really can’t stress this enough, please don’t call us unsolicited.
  • Likewise, please don’t come to our offices unsolicited.
  • Please don’t find other inventive ways to speak to us unsolicited, including hassling us on LinkedIn or lying to our advisor team.