Simple, flexible fees

Our fees are transparent, flexible and designed to get you the best sale price for your home

Our average fee is 2.5%


Our base fee is on all properties we sell. Our incentive fee is only charged when we sell your home above your guaranteed pre-sale amount.

Our base fee

1.5 - 2%

What do I get?

95% of your expected sale price guaranteed on day 90

Option to get 10% of this amount after 10 days

When do I pay this?

We take this fee off your guaranteed amount

Our incentive fee

Up to 1%

What do I get?

Expert agency team's tailored strategy for your home

Peace of mind we will work to get you the best sale price

When do I pay this?

We take this fee off your final sale amount

What if I need my guaranteed amount before 90 days?

You can get 10% of your guaranteed amount after 10 days for free.

Get more, or all, of your guaranteed amount from as soon as 10 days (fees apply).

Pay only for what you need

If you don't need to use your guaranteed amount, we'll reduce your fee by 0.5%

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Frequently asked questions

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How much will my base fee be?

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Our base fee is 1.5 - 2%. This is based on the liquidity of your property in your local market - this means how quickly a property like yours is likely to sell in that market. If lots of similar properties are selling in your area, we are able to offer a base fee of 1.5%. If similar properties are taking a long time to sell, we would charge the 2% base fee.

The base fee includes:

  • Nested pay you a pre-sale amount on day 90 (95% of your estimated sale price on average)

  • Option to receive 10% of your pre-sale amount after 10 days if required (such as for onward purchase or similar)

  • We list your home online and arrange for photographs

  • Nested cover costs of maintaining your home after you move out, such as service charge, council tax and bills

  • Nested pay any extra stamp duty on your new home if we don’t sell yours first, up to £45,000 (not applicable if you already own more than one UK property)

  • Option for an interest-free loan for any necessary repairs or renovations we recommend to get you the best sale price (up to the value of £5000)

What if my property sells for more than the guaranteed amount?

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The incentive fee is only charged if we sell your home for more than your pre-sale amount. The incentive fee is on a sliding scale between 0-1% between your pre-sale amount and the expected sale price. If we sell any amount above the expected sale price the fee is capped at 1%.

How do Nested fees compare with traditional agents?

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Like Nested, Traditional agents charge a percentage based fee. This can be between 0.75 - 3.0% (+VAT) on the final sale of your home at any price. These fees vary by agent, location and the type of contract you choose. Like a traditional agent, with Nested, if your property doesn’t sell (or you don’t accept a guaranteed amount) you don’t need to pay a fee.

Unlike Nested, traditional agents do not offer any money for your home before it is sold. Traditional agents fees are generally the same at any price, so there is less incentive to sell for the best price. They are also notorious for offering a high valuation at to get you "on their books" and then reducing the asking price afterwards.

All Nested fees include VAT.

How do Nested fees compare with online fixed-fee agents?

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Unlike Nested, fixed-fee online agents charge the same amount on any property. This is usually between £99-3000 (+VAT) and it is often higher within London. Unlike Nested, this fee is paid upfront or deferred (usually by 10 or 12 months) and you must pay it even if your property never sells with the agent. As such, there is no incentive for an online fixed-fee agent to sell your property.

All Nested fees include VAT.

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