Our fees

Unlike any other estate agent, we offer an advance for your next home before we sell your old one. We charge a fee on the advance and a separate fee for our agency service.


Advance fee

Charged on your advance only, even if your home sells for more.

Option 1


Reserve your advance, but don't need to use it before we sell your home

Option 2


Use your advance before we sell your home to move on (available from 90 days)

Agency fee

Charged on the full final sale price, including the advance.

Agency fee


Full agency service includes listings, viewings, sales negotiations, and working with your legal team

What if I need my advance before 90 days?

You can take 10% of your advance after 14 days with no extra cost. This helps if you need to put down a holding deposit for your next home.

You can get up to 100% of your advance in 14 days if you need it (terms apply).

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Frequently asked questions

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What's included in my fee?

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Your fees include:

  • We will reserve your advance and make it available for you to use from day 90 after you list with us. This is typically 95% of what we expect your home to sell for.

  • You have the option to receive 10% of your advance after 14 days if required (for example, if you need to put a deposit on your new home).

  • We list your home online, take professional photos and make floor plans.

  • We manage sales negotiations to get you the best price for your home.

  • We work with your legal team after you receive an offer to make sure everything goes smoothly after you sell.

  • Nested cover costs of maintaining your home after you move out, such as service charge, council tax and bills.

  • Nested pay any extra stamp duty on your new home if we don’t sell yours first, up to £45,000 (not applicable if you already own more than one UK property).

  • Option for an interest-free loan for any necessary repairs or renovations we recommend to get you the best sale price (up to the value of £5000).

All fees include VAT where applicable.

What if my property sells for more than the advance?

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We aim to sell your property for the best possible price, and your home is very likely to sell for more than your advance amount. 

When we sell your home for more than your advance, you get the rest of the full sale price minus 0.5% agency fee. You won't be charged the advance fee on the rest of the sale price after you take the advance. 

How do Nested fees compare with traditional agents?

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Like Nested, Traditional agents charge a percentage based fee. This can be between 0.75 - 3.0% (+VAT) on the final sale of your home at any price. These fees vary by agent, location and the type of contract you choose. Like a traditional agent, with Nested, if your property doesn’t sell (or you don’t accept an advance) you don’t need to pay a fee.

Unlike Nested, traditional agents do not offer any money for your home before it is sold. Traditional agents fees are generally the same at any price, so there is less incentive to sell for the best price.

All Nested fees include VAT where applicable.

How do Nested fees compare with online fixed-fee agents?

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Unlike Nested, fixed-fee online agents charge the same amount on any property. This is usually between £99-3000 (+VAT) and it is often higher within London. Unlike Nested, this fee is paid upfront or deferred (usually by 10 or 12 months) and you must pay it even if your property never sells with the agent. Therefore, there's no incentive for an online fixed-fee agent to sell your property.

All Nested fees include VAT where applicable.

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