How we value your home

We are incredibly accurate at valuing homes, selling within 1.5% of what we predict on average. Unlike other agents, we use a data-backed approach to optimise your marketing strategy to help achieve the highest price in the optimal time period.

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How does Nested value properties?

1. We do a deep-dive valuation into your property and area

Initially, we look at what similar properties are selling for and get in touch to learn more about your home. Our dedicated valuations team then perform in-depth analysis on your property using multiple data sources.

2.  We visit your home and share our final valuation with you

Once we’ve visited your home, we use our agency team’s years of experience and our valuation team's analysis to inform our final valuation. We’ll share this and all the supporting data with you.

The valuation we give you is just that, it’s what we think your home will sell for. We'll also suggest the best list price and agree on what a good marketing strategy looks like.

3.  We increase your advance as we learn more about your performance

You'll know the starting point for an advance before you list with us. Once you're on the market, we'll share data on how your home is performing on the market versus where we'd expect it to be to get you an offer. We’ll share all the data with you and, at this point, we can offer you larger advance.

The advance is the maximum amount that we are confident offering you for the property. If you decide not to take the offer we will keep refreshing it based on the market's behaviour and your home's performance.

On average we sell our customers' homes for 1.5% above our final detailed, data-driven valuation

When looking at our valuation and completion prices since November 2017 we’ve been pretty accurate. For customers who go to sell their homes with us, their final sales price is actually very slightly higher. On average it's 101.5% of the valuation we gave them, which means they get slightly more money than they expected. We're constantly working to get to 100% accuracy in our valuations.

Valuation accuracy information is from November 2017 onward

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How do our valuations compare to other agents?

Most other agents don’t give data-driven valuations, they share appraisals based on properties they're currently selling. They’re incentivised to win your business. We’re incentivised to give you certainty on the sale from the beginning, including how much we expect you to walk away with. So we use all-of-market data from many different sources to make sure we have the best idea of what you should expect to sell for.

We’re proud that on average our valuations are 1.5% away from the final sale price

Over the last year we feel we’ve been pretty accurate. But as we monitor and improve our process our accuracy will only get better.

Customers who don’t list with us experience an average list price drop of 18%

We’ve noticed that when properties we've valued list with other agents, their initial list price is ~18% above their final sale price - very close to what we predicted.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take for you to value a property?

We have a dedicated valuations team to perform thorough analysis on properties we're looking to underwrite. As our Relationship Managers are organising the property visit with you, the Valuations team are performing a three hour in depth analysis on your property and area to determine an indicative valuation.

Once the property visit has taken place, typically within a couple of days of you getting in touch with us, we will endeavour to get you the final valuation and advance amount over to you as soon as possible. This will be explained by your relationship manager, and you'll have all the key data shared with you.

What exactly do you look at during the valuation process?

We use a lot of data sources and tools to make sure we're as accurate and confident as we can be during our valuations.

We use the following data sources to understand the performance of properties in your area:

  • Property listing portals - Rightmove, Zoopla (for current and historic listings)
  • EPC Registers
  • Google maps and Google Streetview
  • Land registry data
  • Rightmove+ portal
  • Surveyors tools (we actually have a fully qualified RICS surveyor on the team)
  • Specialist reports and surveys
  • Planning register
  • Molior
  • PTAL
  • 20CI for real time listing data
  • Feedback from property visits
  • Our own customer and property databases
  • How your property is performing on the market

We look at the following factors when looking at your specific property:

  • Property type
  • Number of rooms: bedrooms, bathrooms, receptions etc.
  • Proximity to transport links
  • Size and room dimensions
  • Layout & floor levels
  • Outdoor space
  • Condition
  • Architecture
  • Floor position
  • Ceiling height
  • Tenure details
  • Parking availability
  • Occupation status
  • Marketability
  • Any compromises to the property

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