How long will your home take to sell?

Take the stress away of guessing when to list for sale with our moving calculator that estimates how long your home move will take.

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To move home by

4th September 2020

You should list by

27th January 2020

The average time from listing to completion for a property in London is

32 weeks

A typical London timeline

Choose an estate agent

Example Date:

20th January 2020

This step will take:

1 week

Most good agents will be able to value, photograph and get your property listed on Rightmove and Zoopla within a week of getting in touch. Get a free valuation from Nested.

Finding a buyer

Example Date:

27th January 2020

This usually takes:

17 weeks

Once your home is on the market, viewings will begin and it takes an average of 118 days for a home in your area to go Under Offer.

You are under offer

Example Date:

24th May 2020

Finalising your sale will take:

13 weeks

After accepting an offer for your home, it takes 89 days on average to reach the Exchange of Contracts. Nested have less than half as many offers fall-through as the average estate agent.

Exchange of contracts

Example Date:

21st August 2020

Time before your move out:

2 weeks

You're on the home straight now! After exchanging it's common to have two weeks to organise the final pieces before you complete the home sale and move into your new home.

Complete your home sale

Example Date:

4th September 2020

Congratulations! Your home sale is complete and you’re eating a takeaway on the floor in your new home tonight.

Calculate your personalised timeline

Want to move home on your timeline?

You can move on your timeline with Nested. You will have access to a cash advance to buy your new home when you find it, alongside our 5-star rated Estate Agency service.