Getting hired at Nested

Our people are our ultimate competitive advantage. We have a thorough interview process that ensures we're confident in every hire.

Our people are our ultimate competitive advantage and hiring is one of the most critical things we do at Nested. We believe in fewer, better people and therefore spend a lot of time trying to find the right people to be successful at Nested. We’ve designed an interview process to ensure when we make a hire we’re confident it’s the right one every time and simultaneously that the candidate has enough info to know if we’re the right company for them. As a result it’s a fairly rigorous process, however, we try to move quickly to ensure you won’t be waiting around for long in any stage. Read on to find out more about the process.

Step 1: Phone Screen

All our positions start with a phone interview with either one of our recruiters or the hiring manager. This will be a 15 - 20 minute call and the goal is for us each to learn a little more about each other to see if there is a potential fit. We’ll cover some basic information like:

Don’t worry, we’ll also leave some time for you to ask us some questions.

It’s worth noting engineering interviews will also include some technical questions and your thoughts on current advancements in your given field.

Step 2: Challenge

All candidates are set a challenge if we both think there could be a fit after the phone screen. It doesn’t matter whether you're applying to be our Chief Product Officer or Sales Intern. The challenge will typically involve you working on a bite-size chunk of one of the 3 key goals that you would need to achieve in your first year at Nested. The challenge requires an investment of time (typically 1-2 hours), however, we think it's worthwhile as it gives you a good reflection of the kind of work you might do here and whether you'll enjoy it, whilst also giving us better insight into how you work than an interview ever could. We will be sure to give you feedback whether you are successful or not.

Step 3: Onsite interview

This lasts anywhere between 1-2hrs where you will meet with several people on the hiring team (+ founders) to go even deeper into your relevant skills. This will also be an opportunity to review your challenge.

We will also cover some of our values here at Nested, so expect some behavioural and situational questioning to help both you and us figure out if this is the right kind of environment for you to flourish.

Finally, this is also your opportunity to quiz us on life at Nested and whether the role is the right fit for you.

Step 4: Trial

Once you’ve made it past our live interview stage you’ll be invited in for a trial day. This is where you spend a whole day with us (or longer if possible) and get to work with the team. This will typically include lunch with the team and some time set aside to meet the team members you would work most closely with. We’ll pay you for your time and fit this in around your work schedule.

We find that this is the best way for both parties to assess the "fit" in a far better situation than a face to face interview. Hiring someone is a big decision that you can’t take back so it’s critical that we get it right for both sides. Equally, moving job is a massive decision for you and we think it only fair that you get to see exactly what it would be like to work at Nested before asking you to make that call.

Step 5: Review

After all the interviews have been completed, we meet as a team to decide on whether we should hire you or not based on all the feedback that we have collected across the previous four stages.

Step 6: Offer

Once the hiring team has given the thumbs up, we’ll call you to deliver the good news and follow up with your offer details in an email. Welcome to the team!

Nested is proud to be an equal opportunities employer.

At Nested we embrace diversity and see it as a benefit to our company. That’s why we’re committed to hiring top talent regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or status as an individual with a disability.