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We'll give you a full agency service for only 1% (+ VAT) of the final sale price. You only pay more if you decide to use our advance later.

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Our full agency service costs just 1% (+ VAT)

When you sell your home with Nested we'll list your property, arrange and conduct viewings, negotiate offers and work with your solicitors to complete the sale.

Our fee is only paid on the final sale price on completion, so we're driven to get you the best price for your home.

With our advance you pay for what you need

40% of our customers don’t end up needing their advance, but we put it aside for you whether you withdraw it or not. You'll pay only 2% (inc. VAT) in total, if you accept but don't use the advance.

The later you use your advance, the lower your fee

We set your advance amount aside the day you sign up meaning the money is there if you need it. The later you use it the lower your fee.

See how changing when you use your advance alters your fee

Day 30
Day 60
Day 90
Day 120
Your fee will be
inc VAT
Use later. Pay less
Your fee will be
inc VAT
Use later. Pay less
Your fee will be
inc VAT
Your fee will be
inc VAT
Your fee will be
inc VAT

Don't want your full advance and just need 10%?

Our final fee is just 2.5% (inc VAT) to take this smaller amount anytime after day 30.

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