Our fees are 2.5% or 3.5%


It's your choice at any time whether you withdraw the advance

When do I pay 2.5%?

If you do not withdraw the advance before we sell your home

When do I pay 3.5%?

If you do withdraw the advance before we sell your home

With Nested you sign up to a higher fee, but if you choose not to withdraw the advance then you pay 2.5% incl. VAT (similar to a premium agent). The advance cash is there if you need it, and there are still benefits even if you don't withdraw it

You're still chain-free from day one

All Nested customers are chain-free from day one because we will pay your advance if you need it. This means you are immediately in a strong negotiating position to buy your new home. However, timelines often work out and we sell your home ready for moving-day and you don't need to withdraw the advance. We only charge 2.5% incl. VAT if that happens

Frequently asked questions

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What's included in my fee?

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We provide you with two services when you sell your home with Nested. We charge you separately for these services, and all fees include VAT where appropriate:

  • An advance: we provide you the money to buy your new home before you've sold your old one

  • Full agency service: we list your property, arrange and conduct viewings, negotiate offers and work with your solicitors to complete the sale

If you do move into your new home before you've sold your old one, we cover two sets of costs (where applicable)

  • The costs of maintaining your home after you move out, including service charge, council tax and bills

  • The extra stamp duty on your home (caused by you owning two homes for a short period), up to £45,000

Are there other fees that I have to pay?

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For the first time you withdraw the advance, we cover the legal fees to transfer the funds. For every subsequent withdrawal, your solicitors will charge you a legal fee of £500+VAT.

There are further additional fees that you'd commonly incur when selling and buying a home. We've provided estimates below

  • Mortgage broker - this is free unless your mortgage is less than £250,000, in which case there is a charge of £495

  • Solicitor for selling - from £900+VAT to £1,200+VAT depending on your property value

  • Solicitor for buying - from £1,100+VAT to £1,600+VAT depending on your property value

  • Leasehold information pack - if you own a leasehold, you must request a leasehold information pack from the company managing your property. This is on average £500

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