Sell with Nested from 1.2%

We'll give you a full agency service for only 1.2% (inc VAT). You’ll only pay more if you decide to switch to our advance plan later.

Our agency plan

All our customers start off with our full agency service. We provide a professional photographer, an experienced agent to manage viewings and negotiations plus a dedicated progression team to complete your sale.

Your sale price
Our fee
£ N/A
You take home
£ N/A

This fee is only paid on completion and isn’t charged in the advance plan

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Our advance plan starts from 2.5%

We review your home's market performance on a weekly basis so may be able to offer you an advance on your home before it sells. Switching to this plan makes you chain-free immediately.

Our advance plan - includes reserving your advance and our agency fee

We set aside the money for you, if and when you need it. We’ll only need to charge you more if you use the money.

Your home value
Example advance (93%)
£ N/A

Will you need to withdraw your advance before your home is sold?


How many days after listing will you need your advance?

Final sale price
Our total fee
£ N/A
You take home
£ N/A

Frequently Asked Questions

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What's included in my fee?

We provide you with two services when you sell your home with Nested. We charge you separately for these services, and all fees include VAT where appropriate:

  • Best in class agency service: we send round a photographer, list your property, recommend a panel solicitor, arrange and conduct viewings, negotiate offers and work with your solicitors to complete the sale. We're one of the only agencies in London with a dedicated Progression team to help move the sale forward and actually complete on more homes in London than any other cross-London agency.
  • An advance: we provide you the money to buy your new home before you've sold your old one. Note this is only charged when you choose our advance plan.

Underpinning all our services we provide exceptional customer service and transparent data that keeps you informed about your sale.

How much do I pay if you sell my home for less than the advance?

If your property sells for less than the advance, you will receive the advance amount minus our fee, depending on when you withdrew it. We take the risk if we sell for below the advance. Only 5% of the homes we take on sell for less than the advance amount. See our performance here

If we complete the home sale before you have withdrawn the advance amount, our fee would be 2.5% (including VAT). 

When do I pay these fees? Can you give me some worked examples for each scenario?

If you sell with Nested on our agency plan, 1.2% is due on completion of the sale, just like with a traditional agent.

E.g. Your home sells for £200,000. The fee you pay at completion would be 1.2% or £2,400.

If you opt for our advance plan but don’t withdraw the advance, your fee is due on completion of the sale, just like with a traditional agent.

E.g. Your home sells for £200,000 and we put aside an advance of £186,000. The fee you pay at completion would be £4,720.

If you opt for our advance plan and withdraw the advance, you pay your fee in two stages:

  1. The majority of your fee is paid at the point of drawing the advance. For example, if you are withdrawing an advance of £186,000 on day 90, you pay £7,440 (4%) at this point and take home £178,560.
  2. When the house sells, you pay an additional 0.5% on anything above the advance. So if your house sells for £200,000, you pay £70 (0.5% of £14,000) and take home an additional £13,930.

The total cash amount you will have paid us is £7,510 and this works out at 3.75% of the total £200,000 sale price.