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Don't overpay on your new home

How do you work out what's a fair price to pay on a new home? This is where Nested's Buying Agent steps in.

Get a great deal on your purchase

How can a Nested buying agent save you money?

We will help you find, evaluate and negotiate a fair deal on your new home. Over the last year we've helped negotiate an average of £29,000 off the asking price for our clients.

House hunt like a pro

Have you checked the neighbour's doorbell? When does the sun hit the garden? What about WiFi? Our experienced agents will coach you on the best questions and techniques to make the most of every viewing.

Personalised property reports

Tell us about a property you're interested in and your buying agent will assess it for you. You'll receive a handmade digital report with our expert opinion, a valuation and recommended offer prices.

Negotiate Harder

Think of us as your personal Phil and Kirsty, in your corner prepared for a tough negotiation so you don't pay a penny more than you need to. Armed with your property report and valuation, we'll coach you through your offers and make sure your position is presented in its best light.

Support at every step

Your buying agent helps to manage your purchase

People only buy a few times their whole lives, so having a Buying Agent to help you understand what you should be doing and when is really helpful.

Time. Money. Stress. All the things a Buying Agent Saves

When we were looking to buy another house, we used the buying agent service. She was great and saved us a significant amount on our new home with her advice.

Irene, Wandsworth

Common questions about Nested's Buying Agency service

Can the buying agent save me money?

On average we help those we work with save over £29,000 on their purchases. It's not just about saving money though, it's about making sure you pay a fair price overall.

Which areas do you cover?

We help our buyers find properties across the whole UK. Whether you're looking for a terraced house in London or a quaint country cottage, we've got you.

Please feel free to ask about your specific circumstances. We'll always let you know if we don't think we're the right people to help.

Can you help us buy a property advertised by any estate agent?

Yes, with one notable exception. We can't advise on any property marketed by Nested as this would be a conflict of interest.

Are you as good as Kirsty and Phil from Location, Location, Location?

The legends!

We hope we're as great as this loveable duo, although we don't do the actual viewings for you and we won't tell you which walls you should knock down.

Our customers seem to think we are pretty good... check out some of our Trustpilot reviews to see.

How does Nested differ to a traditional buying agent?

Buying Agents have existed for years but they are generally the preserve of those with a lot of money to spend. Costs for a buying agent are usually in the region of 1.5 -2.5% of your purchase plus a cut of whatever discount they help you negotiate.

This just isn't accessible to most people.

Our version of a Buying Agent keeps the costs lower by using data cleverly, having an expert in-house team and by keeping the support over the phone. We won't be giving you a guided tour round a shortlist of properties because we reckon that the only person that'll know if a house is right is you. So, when you find properties you are interested in, that is where we step in.

You'll send us the details, we'll assess the property, create a report, and then we'll help you buy it. Bish Bash Bosh!

What are the fees?

Our fees vary depending on location and property value, so to find out what it will cost to use the buying agent, get in touch here.

The fee will always be a percentage of the final purchase price, so you have nothing to pay up-front and we always aim to be competitive comparative to traditional buying agents.

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